Press Release
Medcare Shipping s.a.


 Medcare Shipping SA is proud to announce that on 26 January 2012, students from the Maritime and Accounting Department of the University of Piraeus visited the Company’s Premises and were provided with a concise presentation related to the field of their studies. More specifically, the students received information regarding the Company’s structure, History and Organizational Chart, its area of operational services and activities, the type of fleet operated and the current and future financial trends. Specific reference was made to the continuously increasing demands in quality,  safety and environmental protection standards in the Shipping Industry, as well as to the recent economic crisis and how this has affected the Company and the Shipping Industry in general. The Heads of each of the Company’s Departments provided a brief presentation regarding their duties and responsibilities. In addition, the Company’s General Manager Mr. Grigoris Moutzouris , featured an example of the common Operational Expenses of a shipping company and how these have changed throughout the years. At the end of the presentation, Students had the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns in a form of open discussion with Questions and Answers.