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Medcare Shipping S.A. was founded on 1997 and was incorporated in Panama. The Company has been registered in Greece under law 89/1967.

Medcare Shipping S.A. received ship management for it’s first five (5) ships in January of 1998, consisting of four(4) handy size product carriers of 30000 mts deaweight and one(1) aframax crude oil carrier of about 90000 mts deadweight.

All the above ships were of single hull construction, maintained by Medcare Shipping S.A. during the whole ship management period at highest industry standards.

During the next eight(8) years, the Company in view of her plan looking forward to receiving quality tonnage for ship management, received under management her first two(2) newbuildings handy size of 40.000 mts deadweight, double hull oil / chemical carriers IMO III type. These ships were delivered in December 2002 and January 2003 respectively.  Along with the former ships, another two(2) handy size product carriers of  single hull construction of 29990 mts deadweight at that time formed part of the Company’s fleet. The two (2) single hull handy size product carriers left our ship management in July and September 2005.  Both of these ships were holding CAP1 evaluation by DNV as from June and October 2001 respectively.  The two (2) double hull handy size oil/chemical carriers left our ship management in January and February 2006.

The Company is an international provider of seaborne transportation services for refined petroleum products, crude oil, some chemical IMO II and all IMO III type cargoes. Its fleet consists of two (2) double hull oil / chemical carriers, delivered by SLS (ex Shina) Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, S. Korea, on July 2006 (MT Libera) and December 2006 (MT Marvea). The Marvea is of Ice Class 1B type.

Company’s fleet as of 2009 onwards diversified her trading horizon with the acquisition of two modern new building Bulk Carriers of 55.000 DWT, one in August 2009 namely M/V ERTEA and M/V ERACLEA in June 2010.

Medcare Shipping S.A. from her operating headquarters in Glyfada, offers her ships on voyage and time charter basis to first class customer.


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