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The Safety, Quality & Environmental department, is the department responsible for the safety on board the vessels, pollution prevention, environmental management, and the provision of quality services in every respect.  

The objectives of the Safety, Quality & Environmental department are described below:

  • To ensure that the requirements of the company’s management system are effectively implemented throughout the fleet in accordance with the ISM Code, the ISO 9001 Standards, the ISO 14001 and Company Standards.
  • To follow up all developments related to International rules and regulations, and industry requirements on safety, quality, and the environment so as to continuously maintain and update the relevant company’s procedures.
  • To monitor Safety and Pollution Prevention aspects of the operation of each Ship and to ensure that adequate resources and shore based support are applied.
  • To minimise all accidents and hazardous occurrences that endanger the safety of personnel, property, assets under care (including the cargo) and the environment in general.
  • To visit the vessels regularly and continuously audit the onboard procedures so as to ensure that the vessels and the crews comply with all national and international rules and regulations, that the maintenance standards of the company are maintained and that they are approved by the vetting departments of all major oil companies.
  • To ensure that the Company’s Training Programme for Seafarer’s employed is effectively implemented and maintained.
  • To eliminate any (safety) hazards identified on board either by third party inspections or through routine operations and inspections from company employees and seafarers.
  • To ensure that no time delays occur to any of the vessels due to any failure of the Management System.
  • To Minimise the volume of garbage produced on board.
  • To Minimise the volume of Oil residues (sludges) produced on board.
  • To Minimise the volume of oily bilge water volumes produced on board.



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