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One of the most important services of the company lies on the Operation department.
The operations department is the main coordinator among the company’s departments, the charterers, and all third parties involved with the ships (i.e. ship agents, ship-chandlers, bunkering suppliers, etc.).

The Operation department is liable for the following tasks:

  • Promote and establish an awareness of safety and the need to protect the environment, amongst all fleet operating staff.
  • Ensure that Safe Cargo Operations are established on board (by issuing necessary instructions and  procedures as necessary)
  • Ensure that the company’s Cargo related Procedures are effectively implemented on board.
  • Ensure that management objectives are met.
  • Dealing with Non-conformities covered ship and shore operations.
  • Investigate accidents reports regarding safety and insurance.
  • Appraise and appoint the local agents according the past performance or third party recommendations.
  • Monitor day to day operational aspects of each ship and issue instructions to the ships where necessary.
  • Monitor the vessel performance against charter party requirements in co-ordination with the Chartering Department and intervene where necessary.
  • To arrange for the bunkering of the vessels.
  • To monitor freight collection of the company.
  • To sent proper voyage instructions to the Master and ensure that the Master is aware and familiar with all C/P terms and important details.
  • To communicate with Charterers whenever it is considered necessary, to ensure that they are satisfied with vessel’s performance and promote Company’s relations with them.  



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